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5 Must-Read Books for Shy Kids

Posted on 09-24-2015

A magical cure for shyness doesn't exist, but there is more than one way for your child to navigate feelings related to timidness and aprehension. . As a parent, social interactions involving your introvert child may stress you out, however that doesn't mean you and your child can't both benefit from coping mechanisms. The following must-read children's books offer beneficial ways to help your shy child discover his or her inner voice:

Books for Preschool to First Grade

  • "Shy Charles" by Rosemary Wells: Charles is a mouse of few words. He likes playing by himself, but his well-meaning parents are surprised by his timidness. They push him toward a multitude of activities that Charles could care less about. Charles' parents discover their son's shyness may deserve some respect.Shy Child at School
  • "Llama Llama Misses Mama" by Anna Dewdney: Llama Llama gets struck with a bout of separation anxiety when he begins school. During his first day, all he can think about is seeing Mama again. You and your child will appreciate Dewdney's mix of rhyme and colorful illustrations as Llama Llama learns that perhaps he can cope without Mama around.
  • "Willow's Whispers" by Lana Button, illustrated by Tania Howells: No one seems to pay attention to soft-spoken Willow, the shy kid at school. "But one day your voice will wiggle its way out," Willow's father reassures her. Willow resolves to find a way to make her voice louder.

Books for Ages 8 and Older

  • "How Kids Make Friends: Secrets for Making Lots of Friends No Matter How Shy You Are" by Lonnie Michelle: Inspired by Dale Carnegie's bestseller, "How to Win Friends and Influence People", this children's book helps instill self-confidence. Your child will learn how to meet and make new friends with the assistance of Michelle's lighthearted words and accompanying whimsical drawings.
  • "The Shy One" by Dorothy Nathan: Set in 1921, "The Shy One" leads your child through a girl's experiences integrating family members from another country into her home. Fifth-grader Dorothy has just started emerging from her shell at school, but now she's embarrassed by her 14-year-old uncle. He can't speak English, he has different customs, and he's been assigned as a student to her classroom.

Shyness can be overcome in our extroverted world. Now that these stories have sparked break-through discussions with your shy child, let him or her practice new social skills and increased self-esteem through the activities in the Kids 'R' Kids G.Y.M. (Growing Young Minds) Curriculum™

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