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Benefits of Mother's Day Out Programs

Posted on 07-11-2014 | Kids 'R' Kids of West Frisco


Mom guilt is a real and driving force among moms today. The list of “shoulds” and “should nots” surround almost every decision a mom makes. One of those decisions involves whether or not to take advantage of a Mother’s Day Out program. Stay-at-Home moms feel guilty for having others care for their child when they could be taking care of them. Part-time working moms often feel guilty for dropping their kids off as well since it feels like it’s only an acceptable option when it’s absolutely necessary.

Leaving your child in the care of others can be a difficult decision for parents but it’s essential for moms to have the freedom to give themselves a break. Just like taking consistent breaks in the middle of a workday can increase your productivity and energy levels so can taking a break from watching your kids 24/7.

Many childcare centers and local churches offer a Mother’s Day Out program for as many as five days a week and incorporate fun and interactive learning experiences in the curriculum. If you are nervous about participating in a Mother’s Day Out program, take a tour of the facility before enrolling your child and meet the teachers to familiarize yourself with the ones who will be watching your child.

If you have ever felt overwhelmed, exhausted, or near your breaking point during the day as you handle the dozens of requests from little hands and feet, you are the perfect candidate for a Mother’s Day Out program. When you have a chance to be productive sans children or just find some time to kick back and have some “me-time” you will be amazed at the energy and patience you will acquire.

And consequently, you may discover your child greatly enjoys it and has learned a lot by the end of the day, too!

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of West Frisco we know that when Mom is happy, everybody is happy! Check out our Mothers Day Out program available from 9a-2p, Monday through Friday. Contact us to schedule a tour, today!

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