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Chores for Preschoolers

Posted on 12-28-2017

Your preschooler isn’t too young to start helping around the house! There are many chores your little one can do to both instill a sense of responsibility and also keep your household a little cleaner and more organized! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Pick Up Duty

If your floor is under a constant layer of toys, books, clothes, and who knows what else, having your preschooler pick it all up is a great chore. They key is making sure that they put everything back where it belongs. Set up a system for them beforehand of labeled pins for toys or baskets where everything has an easily accessible place.

Make the Beds

Making the bed is something that doesn’t get done in many households, but it’s an easy and responsibility-instilling task for a preschooler. This is something your little one can get in the habit of doing every day before leaving the house to encourage them to clean their own spaces and have a regular, personal routine.

Dirty Clothes

Does your preschooler leave their clothes everywhere? Create an organization system for them to regularly follow. Label baskets for colors, whites, and anything else that needs categorizing, then show them how to use them.

Set the Table

Setting the table is usually last on the list of things to do for dinnertime, but it’s actually one of the best chores a preschooler can do. It makes them feel involved, keeps them away from the dangers of a kitchen, and also gives them an opportunity to help serve the family for dinner every night.

There are so many more ways that a preschooler can do chores around the house—you just have to find the things that your kiddo can do to help out and go with it. Many of these tasks are great to build on as your child grows and can take on more responsibility for years to come!

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