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Four Holiday Traveling Tips for Children

Posted on 12-02-2016

Holidays are fun, traveling is fun, and kids are fun, but put the three together and you have a headache, especially at the preschool age. However, that’s not how it has to be. Before you head out on the road trip to grandparents’ house this year, consider using these four fun ideas to make everyone’s experience more enjoyable.

  • I Spy

“I spy something blue!” It’s more fun when everyone is playing, so, mom and dad, join in! What do you spy? This game can last as long as there are things to spy, but make sure to spy things that are in the car. Otherwise you might be trying to guess something that’s ten miles behind you.

  • Alphabet Signs

Start with A, and look out the window to find a sign that starts with every letter of the alphabet. Use only one letter per sign. See who can complete the alphabet the fastest! But no one can use the same sign. Shout out the word that you found so that everyone knows you’re playing fairly. “M! Main Street!”First one to Z wins!

  • Tongue Twisters

Can you say British wrist watch? How about rubber baby buggy bumper? How many times in a row can you say toy boat without sounding silly? Tongue twisters are a sure way to lighten up the mood and get everyone laughing at their inability to speak properly.

  • Snacks

Snacks are a must because, two miles down the road, everyone will find that they’re suddenly hungry despite having lunch fifteen minutes earlier. That’s okay! Come prepared. Whatever keeps the peace. Pack mess-free snacks like apple sauce pouches, individual animal cracker packets, or cereal cups. Keeping drinks to a minimum might be a good idea because necessary bathroom trips come often enough without any additional help from juice boxes.

There are so many fun things that you can do to keep everyone from getting bored. Count the houses with lights, share your favorite childhood memories, or jam out to your favorite music! You’ll be there before you know it!

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