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Frisco child care and you: five steps to teaching your child infant sign language

Posted on 06-22-2014


Infant sign language is a great way to bond with your child while boosting their language skills. Research has shown that learning to sign can more than double your child’s vocabulary.

Step one - Start young: Your child’s motor skills develop long before language skills. At seven months he/she will have the dexterity, focus and memory skills needed to begin learning this activity.

Step two - Start small: Begin your lessons with just one word that is simple and relates to something familiar, like “Mommy.” Point at yourself, say “Mommy” and then sign. Your child will develop a verbal and sign language vocabulary.

Step three - Play to learn: Your child learns through play, so try to make the lessons fun. Incorporate signing into other activities. This will reinforce the spoken word to the sign. Change activities as soon as your child begins to lose focus.

Step four - Be positive: When he/she signs for the first time, immediately reinforce the moment with lots of praise and enthusiasm. Your child will learn that signing is effective communication when you respond positively to their request.

Step five - Expand your vocabulary: Your child’s potential for learning this form of communication is infinite. Observing an enthusiastic response, they will learn quickly and enjoy the process. Expand your vocabulary to familiar, useful concepts or words like “tired,” “hungry,” “thirsty,” “play,” and “toy.” Once he/she has learned to sign for these, then proceed to more complex concept. Each time teach the spoken word along with the sign.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of West Frisco, we offer an innovative infant program that supports your child’s early development. Our curriculum includes story time, sensory play, tummy time and cuddles, and infant sign language. We have the expertise to assist your child in achieving essential developmental milestones. For more information about our state-of-the-art facility, please contact us today.

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