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Frisco, TX Childcare: Social Skills Learned at Preschool

Posted on 07-15-2016 | Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academies of West Frisco & Legacy West

Back-to-school season will be here in a matter of weeks. Department stores are already lining their shelves with pencils and paper for the crowds of students gearing up for another school year. Maybe this is the first year your little one will be attending preschool – how exciting! There are so many benefits to enrolling your child in a top-quality preschool program. Your child will obviously gain important developmental and academic skills, but preschool also creates a great environment for learning social skills!

One social skill that your child will develop in preschool is the ability to listen well. The structured classroom environment creates an atmosphere that gives your child cues and directions for how to interact with his teachers and peers. During times of intentional instruction, your child will be asked to sit and listen along with his peer to the teachers. In other instances, such as during group activities, your child will be required to listen to directions given by the teacher and will see their peers following instructions as well. These opportunities to practice listening will help your child be prepared for their continued education in elementary, middle and high school.

Another benefit of giving your child an elite Preschool experience is his exposure to advanced educational technology. Technology drives so much of our nation’s economy and permeates all areas of our life – whether it’s using our personal smartphone, a tablet at work, or watching TV as a family on the weekend – technology is everywhere! Your child may already be able to successfully navigate a smartphone, nowadays it seems like it’s a built-in skill! If your child attends a high-quality preschool, he will have a chance to interact with tools such as SmartBoard technology, educational websites like ABCMouse.com and other resources. Educational technology brings another layer of learning to his experience and will help reinforce all that he’s learning.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies of West Frisco & Legacy West, we are passionate about providing the best technology, cutting-edge preschool curriculum, and excellent teachers for our preschoolers. Each program we offer – from infants to before and after school – includes an engaging team of teachers and resources to give every child a firm First Step to Higher Education. Contact us to find out how we can meet and exceed your childcare needs!

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