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Good Food Makes Good Kids

Posted on 08-18-2016

It’s true. We didn’t make that up. But good food is hard, right? You have to plan, it takes a long time to make, or maybe you’re not even that great in the kitchen. Not everyone is a Chef Ramsay, you know, dancing around a professional range in a funny little chef hat. Some of us are lucky enough to remember to remove the plastic wrap on the mac and cheese.

We’ve been there too.

That’s why we’re going telling you about this helpful guide from the Mayo Clinic about a child’s nutrition. It turns out it isn’t that hard. To sum it up: Shop around the edges of the grocery store rather than the aisles. (We got that tip from Michael Pollan’s Food Rules, a brilliant book if you haven’t read it.)

They suggest a diet consisting of five categories: protein (seafood and lean meat), a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products. What to avoid? Added sugar and saturated fats—the kinds that come from red meat and poultry.

These foods you’ll find around the edges of a grocery store. In the middle is where you’ll find all the added sugars and processed foods. So, when thinking of what to get the family for dinner, the edges are where it’s at.

To help you become the next culinary artist in your castle, blogs like Healthy Children, in association with the American Academy of Pediatrics, have tons of articles about nutrition, picky eaters, and how to eat good on the go. We know. Amazing, right?

(Fun fact: The best restaurant in the world is Osteria Francescana, tucked away in Modena, Italy. We’re not even going to guess how much a plate of that spaghetti costs.)

While you don’t have to eat at the fanciest restaurants or wear the funniest hats—parents already wear enough hats as it is, am I right?—you can start eating healthier around the house, and we hope these tips might come in handy.

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