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Helping Preschoolers Develop a Bedtime Routine

Posted on 01-26-2018

Life is crazy. Life with preschoolers is crazier. Not only do you have your own life, but then there’s the weight of teaching your kid what school looks like, and hopefully to be the kid that actually takes advantage of naptime. In a crazy life such as yours, peace and quiet can be hard to come by, and you should grab it whenever you can. Simple recommendation: a schedule. Any semblance of it is worth fighting for, and by helping your preschooler to establish one, you are not only helping their development, but also your own peace of mind. Here are some pointers on things to emphasize:

Give Them Achievable Goals

A big part of starting this process with your preschooler is to slowly start introducing them to the idea of responsibility. Every night after dinner, they themselves have to go brush their teeth, and change into their pajamas, and make sure their backpack is by the front door. Giving them little things to call their own not only starts to ask more of them but also helps to establish the beginnings of their nightly routine.

Allow Some Freedom Beforehand

However, bedtime shouldn’t be all doom and gloom. Yes, you want them to be winding down for the night, and the goal is to get them settled and in bed so they can go crazy again the next day. That doesn’t mean that you can’t reward them a little bit for getting ready. Making their bedtime routine fun will go a long way towards their ownership of it. Whether it’s a certain show they’ve been waiting to watch, or playing with their dolls, or cuddling with the dog, as long as it’s something they enjoy then it achieves the purpose.

Be Personally Involved

A huge part of figuring out how to implement this new bedtime routine will be your involvement. Especially at first, success will fully hinge upon you. That doesn’t mean you have to baby them through it though, simply be there and be another fun part of the night. Brush your teeth with them, help make sure their bags are ready, any little thing where you can be involved will be a positive to your preschooler. And don’t be afraid to be involved in the fun too – a great way to start settling your kids down is to have a standard story time every night as the last thing before bed. However you personalize it, if you own it and hold strictly to it, you can’t go wrong!

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