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Helping Your Preschooler Become a Good Writer

Posted on 10-23-2017

You may be chatting about a family vacation together or listening while your preschooler recites lines from a favorite book. Or you might be playing a game of “I Spy” while waiting in line at the coffee shop. Whatever the activity, every time that you engage creatively and relationally with your child, you are taking steps toward helping your little one become a good writer in the future. By talking with your child, you are providing a rich basis for your preschooler’s future success in many facets of life, including reading and writing.

Preschoolers and Writing

The National Council of Teachers of English encourages parents to talk frequently and expansively with their children, to surround them with a rich environment of words. Writing is a skill that develops slowly and not necessarily linearly over many years. Through conversation, parents can help young children develop creative, analytical, and relational skills necessary for future reading and writing success.

How to Help Your Preschooler to Become a Good Writer in the Future

Read Books Every Day

One of the best ways that you can equip your child to become a good writer in the future is by reading to your little one every day. Choose a wide variety of reading materials—picture books and board books, poetry and musical lyrics, and books on scientific and mechanical topics—and take time to talk over breakfast or dinner about what you read together!

Encourage Imaginative Play

Set aside time every day for your child to enjoy unstructured play. Put away devices and turn off the television, and allow your child the time and space to develop deep imaginative play. If you can, join in and let your little one instruct you on how to play along, whether you are repairing monster trucks at a mechanic shop or storming a castle with a handful of princess dolls!

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