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Infant child care in Frisco: The science of baby talk

Posted on 06-20-2014


Baby talk isn't just about responding to your infant. At the University of Washington, research at the Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences has shown that how you talk to your child is an integral part of a child's brain development. This chatter, also known as parentese, comes naturally to many parents in one-on-one interaction with their child.


  • Speaking to your infant and telling them what you are doing aids in developing a relationship of trust. Although your infant won't understand your words just yet, your tone of voice and body language will be what they associate with fulfillment, love and nurturing. When speaking to your child, be sure to use proper adult speech. This way, your child will begin to build a proper vocabulary.
  • Research has revealed that infants who experience an adequate amount of verbal interaction learned around 433 words by age two. Infants who did not only learned 169 words. These skills have long-term effects that produce excellent future academic performance, and the ability to learn new skills.
  • Effective communication is a vital life skill that is influenced by early language development. Speaking to your infant and having them respond encourages the development of these skills. It teaches your infant how communication is structured.

Include an abundance of verbal communication while interacting with your child. Talking to your child about whatever activity you and your baby are involved in will assist in strengthening their communication skills.

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