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Preschool Art Activities

Posted on 06-10-2017

Little ones love art, and summertime is a great time to pull out the paper and crayons to stay out of the heat! Use these art ideas on those days when you need a little extra entertainment to keep the little ones happy indoors.

Playdough letter sculptures with your preschooler

Make your own playdough or use generic playdough, and show your preschooler how to shape the letters of their name out of the dough. Either let the dough dry overnight or just smash it back into the tub when you’re done playing with it. Modeling clay is also great for shaping letters because you can bake the letters and then paint them with whatever colors you want.

Preschooler handprint animal art

Let your preschooler make animals out of his handprint! Put paint on a plate, help your little one cover his palm in the paint, and then place the little handprint on a piece of paper and let it dry. Make a peacock by placing the painted handprint in a fan-like shape, and then use the side of the fist as the shape for the body. You can also make a giraffe by using the forearm and hand as the giraffe’s head and neck. Hide the thumb, and let your four other fingers be the two ears and two horns of the giraffe. Decorate and add details to make them look more realistic!

Preschool Picasso art project

Picasso’s art was done with general shapes that he placed in an artistic fashion. Let your little one be a modern-day Picasso by setting out shapes of paper and letting him arrange them in whatever way he wants. You can encourage him to make a specific picture. You can recommend that he try to make a smiley face of out of the pieces, or you can just let him loose to see what he comes up with!

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