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Preschoolers and Giving Gifts

Posted on 11-30-2017

No doubt your preschooler has been thinking about her Christmas list lately. With all the decorations, advertisements, and talk of the season, it can be very easy for a little one to think about “me, me, me.” So, to help your child focus outward instead of inward, why not have her make a gift giving list this year?

A giving list

There’s no doubt that the joy of giving far outweighs the joy of receiving. Help your child come up with a list of people she wants to give to this holiday season. It doesn’t have to be much. A batch of cookies, a homemade card, or a festive craft will do the trick! It is the gesture behind the gift that will bring joy to others. Spend a Saturday baking cookies and creating cards with your preschooler. Not only will she have unique gifts to give, but you will also have great memories of your time together. And, who knows! Maybe a new holiday tradition will have been started!

Secret sending

Why not let your preschooler do some top-secret gift giving this year?! This is sure to bring some fun and excitement to the gift giving process. Help your child pick one person to give a special, secret present to. Maybe it is a sibling, or a favorite aunt or uncle she doesn’t see very often. Whoever it is, let her find or make a present just for them! The catch is that she can’t tell the person that it was from her! Just wrap it up and put the recipient’s name on it without saying who it is from. This will help her enjoy giving a gift without receiving any recognition for it in return. But, I’m pretty sure that having this special secret and watching the recipient’s reaction to the surprise will be reward enough!

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