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"Show and Thank" - A New Twist on an Old Tradition

Posted on 11-20-2014 | Kids R Kids Learning Academies of West Frisco & Legacy-West

Every year, as the Thanksgiving feast begins to wind down someone starts the age-old tradition of the around-the-table thankfulness exercise. Each person dutifully lists a number of things they’re thankful for, nods politely as everyone else shares and then grabs some pie and coffee.

If we’re honest, this ritual can often feel forced and repetitive. For a young child itching for some of grandma’s pecan pie, it can be almost unbearable! But what if there were props, pictures, and storytelling involved?

This year, jazz up the old routine by inviting your children to put on a “Show and Thank” extravaganza! It’s great entertainment for the adults and a fun exercise on learning thankfulness for the children!

How it Works:

  • Tell your children a few days in advance about the activity so they can prepare their memories. Give them some construction paper and stickers and tell them to draw or write out a favorite memory from the year. Encourage them to use pictures taken of the memory and if you have children with a flair for the dramatic, feel free to include costumes and props!
  • After everyone is done eating the main Thanksgiving meal, introduce the kids who would like to share, one-by-one. Have them take turns sharing their stories with their pictures and props.
    • For shy children, offer to stand with them and help share their story. Not only is this a creative exercise in thankfulness, it’s a great public speaking practice!
  • Ask if anyone around the adult table would like to share too! Who knows? You may be inspired to share what you’re thankful for with paper and crayons too!
  • Keep the treasured memories made by your children for years to come!

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies of West Frisco and Legacy West, our staff is committed to teaching our students about the importance of gratitude, respect and compassion. Our exclusive curriculum and innovative programs inspire learning and creativity in kids of all ages. We would love for you to contact us today to schedule a tour! 

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