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Tackling the First Day Fears

Posted on 08-13-2014 | Kids R Kids Learning Academy of West Frisco


It’s the First Day of School! New bus routes, homerooms, and locker combinations are swimming in the minds of the students as they file into their school and prepare themselves for another year of learning. For many children, the first day of school is happily anticipated as they think of all the new faces they’ll meet and memories they’ll make. However, many children who are naturally shy or introverted find the start of a school year to be particularly daunting. Here are some practical ways you can prepare your anxious child for all of the newness he’ll encounter in the first few days of another school year.

  1. Have Your Own First Day - From setting the alarm clock, to driving to school, and walking to each classroom they will be sitting in, make your own first day of school a week or so before the actual First Day of School. As you walk the halls with your child, ask them questions about how they’re feeling or what they’re noticing. Once you’ve visited all the main locations (gym, cafeteria, classrooms) consider taking them out to lunch and talking about your own experiences with first-day jitters while reminding them of how they were able to adjust during previous school years.
  2. Meet Their Teachers - Don’t skip “Orientation Week” at your school. Making a few new faces familiar before the first day will help your child settle into a new routine with less anxiety. This is also great for the teachers as they begin to welcome new faces to their classroom!
  3. Throw a Back-to-School Bash - If your child is introverted it may seem counter-intuitive to throw a party but this isn’t meant to be a huge neighborhood blowout. Instead, have them invite one or two friends over for dinner, games, and one last night of chasing fireflies before school begins. If you enjoy doing crafts, throw in a craft for them to do and take with them on their first day of school — Maybe making a picture frame magnet for their locker or a bookmark. Make it something simple that reminds them of people who love them and can comfort them when they get nervous or scared.
  4. Follow up after the First Week - For many children, after the first week the anxiety significantly decreases. If you notice that your child is still very reluctant to go to school after the first week, they could be having difficulty adjusting and it may be wise to consult a guidance counselor or homeroom teacher and see how he can better acclimate.

It is completely normal for children to be nervous on the first day of school, so do not make your child feel foolish for being nervous. On the morning of the first day, be supportive and excited for them and when you pick them up or see them after work ask a lot of questions about their day. Your enthusiasm and involvement helps give them courage to tackle this new adventure!

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of West Frisco we hope to help calm your little one’s fears about going back to school, childcare, daycare or preschool. Please contact us if you have any questions or if we can help in any way! 

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