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Teaching Preschool Children About Giving

Posted on 04-05-2017

Instilling in your preschool a heart for those in need can start as early as the cradle. Teaching them to share with those in need is more doable if you show the reason behind sharing—to love others!

Read historical stories to your preschooler.

One of the best ways to become aware of the need in our world is to read stories of those who have gone before us that made do with very little. Learning about the first presidents that lived without the things we have today shows that greatness does not come from material possessions. Read stories of those that went through hardships during the Great Depression to understand a little bit more how blessed we are today.

Put life into perspective.

After reading and thinking on these stories, help your little one put life into perspective and understand how blessed we are in the 21st century. With materialism being at an all-time high, we have so much more than we need. Read the story of the little slave girls that were elated to have a cornhusk doll, and then help them compare it with the mountains of toys that they have at home.

Find others in need.

Understanding how blessed you are will propel you to bless others in need. Look around you for those suffering want, and find ways to help them! Ask your local preschool if there are any families in need, or if there are any local shelters that they would recommend donating to.

Let your preschooler give.

Find others in need, and then let your preschooler give! You could minimize your child’s closet and give away all the things they no longer need. Let your child go through his toys and belongings to find things that someone in need could use. There are people all around us and we can always reach out a helping hand show some love. 

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