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Teaching Preschoolers About Baseball

Posted on 08-25-2017

As soon as your little one can pick up a bat and a ball, you can begin to teach about the basics of baseball! While bat and ball games have been around as long as human history, baseball in its modern form can be traced in part from "town ball" or "round ball" games played in Britain, Germany, and the United States in the 1700s and 1800s. Watching a game with your preschooler, or playing one together, can help your little one to learn about this favorite American sport!

Little League Baseball and Softball

Organized baseball leagues for children and young adults came about during the Depression Era when Carl Stotz of Pennsylvania established Little League Baseball and Softball. The organization grew from its humble regional beginnings in the 1930s and now encompasses more than 2 million children worldwide. Today, Little League Baseball and Softball offers local, volunteer-run programs for children and young adults from ages four to sixteen. September is celebrated as Little League Month.

Catch a game

You can teach your preschooler about baseball simply by enjoying a game together. You might catch a local minor league game, and talk about how play unfolds and what different players do to participate. And remember that baseball is about more than just the innings! During breaks, wander around, sample snacks, talk about the weather, and enjoy the atmosphere that makes the sport a favorite American pastime!

Play ball!

Your preschooler will love learning about baseball through a simple t-ball game in your backyard! As you take turns hitting and chasing the ball together, talk about the different players and types of play that can happen in a real game. Your inquisitive preschooler will pepper you with questions, and you will both have fun as you learn and play together. Finish with a hot corndog and cold lemonade, and everybody wins!
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